Twenty-Two years ago, the Seminole County South Rotary Club made the decision to accentuate the positive with young people in our community. They decided to recognize two students from each of our Seminole County public high schools who have had to overcome challenges, obstacles, or adversity, or managed unusual responsibilities in their lives, yet are still graduating and going on to pursue their dreams. Many of these students have overcome challenges that were huge obstacles in their path, but they managed to cope with those challenges, learn from them, and still keep going. Challenges such as being homeless, physical challenges, life-threatening illnesses, being from a foreign country, being victims of violent crimes, being raised in foster homes or public housing are not the life of a typical teenager!

To date, 506 students and scholarships have been recognized over the 22 years and South Seminole Rotary is as proud of their accomplishments as their families! We were proud to recognize their perseverance and for not giving up when the odds were against them. Some could easily have slipped into a life of crime but they chose not to do so. We proudly continue the Rotary Rising Achievers Program to honor these students!