Rising Achiever's Program - Rotary

Fifteen years and still going...

Thank you all who took part of this years Rising Achievers Program. Thanks to you we were able to recognize all the deserving students. We look forward to helping as many students as possible every year!

In the new great Millennium of 2000, the Seminole County South Rotary Club made the decision to accentuate the positive with young people in our community.

Each year we recognize two students from each Seminole County public high school who have overcome challenges, obstacles or adversity, or managed unusual responsibilities in their lives, yet are still graduating and pursuing their dreams.

Congratulations to the RAP Students of RAP 2016! We will see you on April 24th at Hilton in Altamonte Springs!

April 23rd 2017

Hilton in Altamonte Springs

RAP - Seminole County South Rotary Club


Here's how you can help...

There are four ways you can make a difference to ensure these students are able to continue to succeed.

  • Raffle
  • RAP Gala Table Sponsorship
  • Program Advertising
  • Gala Participation
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Thank you to our 2015 Sponsors!